IAQ, in collaboration with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and the Property Council of Australia, has undertaken a comprehensive research program to understand public opinion regarding infrastructure needs and funding in Queensland.

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Key Insights

  • 62 per cent of Queenslanders believe the investment and development of state infrastructure projects is poorly coordinated.
  • Greater dissatisfaction was polled in North Queensland, with 67 per cent responding this opinion. Dissatisfaction was strongest among older Queenslanders, with 70 per cent of those over 65 years old citing frustration.
  • The development of healthcare infrastructure, such as hospitals, child and aged care, is of top priority to 81 per cent of Queenslanders, followed by major roads and highways at 78 per cent. Ranking third in terms of public demand is investment in renewable energy, supported by 71 per cent of survey respondents.

This research project gathered much public interest and therefore significant news coverage, such as:

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