IAQ Spotlight Survey

SPOTLIGHT INFRASTRUCTURE SENTIMENT SURVEY The results of the April 2019 Spotlight Infrastructure Sentiment Survey, are now available. The purpose of Spotlight is three-fold: (1) to better inform the IAQ and improve member advocacy; (2) to help identify current key issues for the private sector and government; and (3) to provide a strong basis for informed…

Major Projects Pipeline

IAQ is proud to have launched the 2019 Major Projects Pipeline Report (Pipeline), in conjunction with Queensland Major Contractors Association.

‘Uncovering critical influences on private infrastructure investment in Queensland’ Research Project

The IAQ is committed to evidence-based advocacy and to working hard on behalf of its members to influence improvements in our sector. We’re delighted to provide you access to our exclusive 2018 report Uncovering Critical Influences on Private Infrastructure Investment in Queensland and hope you find it an enjoyable and informative read. From the report…

Infrastructure Priorities and Funding Research

IAQ, in collaboration with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and the Property Council of Australia, has undertaken a comprehensive research program to understand public opinion regarding infrastructure needs and funding in Queensland.

Next Generation Engagement Project

IAQ is a project partner in the Next Generation Engagement Project. Lead by the University of Melbourne’s School of Governance, this project is critical in understanding and addressing community and social challenges, now, and into the future.

Industry Voice

As the peak body representing the entire infrastructure sector across Queensland, IAQ is a great contributor to public forums and news media, as well as a major producer of government documentation.

IAQ Yearbook

The IAQ Yearbook is an annually-produced, professional document which showcases the IAQ and the role of its members in developing and
pioneering long-term benefits and opportunities for infrastructure in Queensland.