Think you know the circular economy.
Think again. 

The circular economy is an economic performance-based model built on three key principles and five supporting business models. This economic model is viewed globally as a new competitive imperative creating cost savings, reducing risks and realising growth.
To be clear the circular economy is not just better waste and recycling and we want to teach you why.

Drawing from their experience actioning large scale systemic change towards a circular economy in Australia and internationally Coreo have teamed up with Griffith University Business School to develop a three-day Transformative Circular Economy Leadership Masterclass.

This course allows participants to understand the foundational theories and history of a circular economy and how this economic model differs from our current linear economy. Participants will then learn to tap into their personal model of leadership and how to harness the power of storytelling to achieve meaningful change. Finally, course participants will spend time creating their own pathway to action because if there’s anything we know for certain is that what our economy needs is less talk and more action.

The inaugural course was attended by participants from state and local governments, multinational corporations, not-for-profits, small businesses and independent professionals. The course was rated 9.7 out of 10 with the following feedback provided in the final course survey:

“This course was fantastic. From learning and unlearning what I had thought CE was to walking away feeling as though I have a well-informed understanding of CE principles and their practical application. This course not only left participants with a practical action plan but also allowed participants to understand their role in the wider CE system. Thank you so much to the wonderful facilitators for sharing their knowledge, time and passion.”

“It was both a personal and professional learning experience. At times I felt completely outside of my comfort zone and challenged but at the same time very privileged to be surrounded by such a kind and supportive group of humans. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Who is the course for: For people who want to increase their influence in organisations and the sector they are involved with.
Where: South Bank, Brisbane
When: Jan 21st-23rd 2020 (Dec dates moved to Jan)
Duration: 3 days
Mode: Face to face
Cost: $1700
Accreditation: Potential masters micro-credential option available (10 credit points) for an extra day of course contact. Details and cost to be confirmed. Completion certificate provided.
Course facilitators: Ashleigh and Jaine Morris, Dr Rob Hales
Guest presenters: Ken Webster, Former head of innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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