Each year IAQ focuses on a range of infrastructure themes relevant to the current environment.

Research may be formal, undertaken in partnership with universities, or industry-based, collating knowledge and experience from across the sector.The IAQ is currently focusing specific research through a number of member-led taskforces:

Infrastructure Funders Taskforce

Participants: To be led by members from the banking and finance industry
Terms of reference: To lead strategic thinking on infrastructure funding issues and consultation around asset and capital recycling.

Economic Enabling Taskforce

Participants: Open to interested members.
Terms of reference: Identify and respond to Queensland capacity constraints and encourage prioritisation of infrastructure that boosts productivity, supports growth and stimulates economic development.

Digital  Taskforce

Participants: Open to interested members.
Terms of reference: To provide strategic and practical leadership around the digitisation of infrastructure in Queensland.


If you are a member of IAQ and are interested in participating in one of these taskforces, or receiving an update, please email membership@iaq.com.au.