Infrastructure is essential to every aspect of an economically successful, functioning, prosperous and vibrant State.

The Infrastructure Association of Queensland (IAQ), which was formed in 1994 is designed to encourage private sector participants involved in the development, ownership or operation of infrastructure projects to meet their industry peers, potential clients and customers to discuss and act upon infrastructure issues which affect the industry as a whole.

Today the IAQ is committed to connecting, informing and developing Queensland’s infrastructure industry. The objectives of the IAQ are:

  • to be a peak industry body which is representative of private sector participants in the lifecycle of public infrastructure and to provide positive interaction with Government in pursuit of these objects
  • engage with Government and the community on the continuing need for expansion and enhancement of public infrastructure as an essential platform for Queensland’s economic and social development
  • engage with members, Government, industry and the community to promote and maximize private sector involvement in public infrastructure in Queensland
  • consult with Government in relation to its guidelines and policies on private sector involvement in the provision of public infrastructure in Queensland
  • provide a forum for the dissemination and promotion of developments relating to public infrastructure among members, Government, industry and the community
  • facilitate networking among industry participants.

Strategic Themes

Since 2012 the IAQ has focused its efforts on three strategic themes, being Process, Pipeline and Private Investment of infrastructure, for engagement with its members, community and Government. Approaching the end of 2014, the IAQ Board members reviewed and validated the three strategic themes for relevance and focus. The review was conducted in light of the political and economic setting approaching 2015.

The IAQ continues to remain focused on providing value to its members and with this in mind a new strategic theme has been added to continue this focus. The four strategic themes for 2015 are:


Engagement about the opportunities for continuous improvement in Government’s procurement processes relating to the development and delivery of Infrastructure.


Engagement about the importance and enablement of a clearly identifiable and realistic pipeline for infrastructure projects, including regional development opportunities.


Engagement about the benefits and opportunities of the Government’s initiatives to increase private sector investment in the delivery and operation of public infrastructure.


To further establish the IAQ as the leading industry advocate for the provision of infrastructure including facilitation of education and knowledge transfer.

You can read more about IAQ and learn about the benefits of associating with us in the IAQ report AGM 2016